Bardes Thermoformed Plastics | Food Safety | SQF Certified


We are an internationally certified manufacturer of food-safe packaging.
This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to provide the highest standard of safe, high-quality food packaging products.

What is SQF?
           • Acronym for “Safe Quality Food.”
           • Recognized certification program for the food industry.
           • Benchmarked against Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) international standard.
           • Comprehensive food safety and quality management program for the entire food supply chain.
How is SQF Certification Attained?
           • Complying with stringent SQF Code for food chain suppliers.
           • Meeting rigid quality control and management standards.
           • Documenting and validating required food safety practices.
How is Certification Maintained?
           • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) followed throughout the manufacturing process.
           • Annual third-party food safety audits with continuous internal audits.
Food safety is a top priority for us. We take our commitment seriously and are proud to have achieved SQF Version 7.2 Level 2 Certification.